Raising funds, supporting people and helping our community is our priority

Tamworth Rotary Santa Sleigh Appeal

Our biggest and most joyous annual fund raiser is our Santa Sleigh Appeal. We have raised over £400,000 since it started 20 years ago. We love it, it brings joy and it’s lots of fun!

Cathedral to Castle Run

The Cathedral to Castle run is organised by four local clubs in Tamworth and Lichfield. It’s an amazing run of 10 miles from Lichfield Cathedral to Tamworth Castle. 

A winner with the runners and about to go into it’s forth year.

Community and International Support

Supporting our local community not only with finances, but with hands on support is one of our top priorities. Helping others across the world is also a huge part of our work. 

Need some help or support personally or for your group or organisation?

The are many projects that Rotary supports globally. You can find out more by visiting https://www.rotary.org/en for more information.