We are a great mix of people at Tamworth Rotary, here’s a few of our members, a bit about who they are, what they do and why they are part of Rotary.

Graham Barlow

I am a 72 year old retired business man, former owner of Car Bar and Motor City (Wholesale Ltd). I joined Rotary in October 2000, reasoning that it might be a vehicle that I could use to repay the people of Tamworth for some of the support they had given me over the previous 25 years plus.

I love what Rotary do, and enjoy being part of the many projects and activities the club pursues.

Mick Cart

I was born in Dordon moved to Fazeley at 6 months old. I attended Fazeley Infants & Junior schools then Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Tamworth after passing the 11+. I became a trainee draughtsmen at Fort Dunlop then Apprentice Draughtsman at Alders Paper Mills. Draughted at Alders, Foseco and DEC before joined Kemwell as a Project Manager working around the world in Heat Treatment. In 1983, along with my wife Ann I went into retail, back in Fazeley, with a general store (now Ivory Tusk) then Convenience store (Tesco Express).  I played rugby for many years for Tamworth, Staffordshire & Newfoundland. 

I am now enjoying retirement, travelling around the U.K. and Europe, in our motorhome as much as possible. Playing golf when I’m not.

Maleka Bibi

I joined Rotary because I am passionate about helping others and want to make a difference to the community and worldwide.

I believe the way I can make the biggest difference is by helping people to get to the real truth for peace, genuine happiness and connecting people to the power of unconditional love and nature for emotional freedom and natural healing.

I run my own business, My Life Naturals, which offers community engagement, health and well-being programmes and experiences, and also exclusive retreats to re-connect to the healing power of unconditional love & nature to transform lives and relationships.

Tom Bounds

I joined Rotary because when I was in the scouts I used to help The Rotary Club of Tamworth with their annual sleigh appeal around Tamworth. As I got older, I asked a couple of members whilst out on the sleigh what Rotary was about, and they said to help others. I have always enjoyed helping others and helping to make a difference, that is why I really enjoy Rotary.

Steve Turner

 I have been a Rotarian for over 34 years, in which time I have served as Club President 3 times as well as serving as a District Officer. Rotary is a part of my life that I enjoy very much. It has helped me make lifelong friends in many parts of the world, all of whom have the same ethical standards and “make a difference“ to the lives of many who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our “Service Above Self” motto creates opportunities to be of service to many through Rotary’s humanitarian projects of health, education, sanitation and water, peace and conflict resolution, disease prevention and treatment, and economic and community development. Rotarians are people of action who serve their community locally and worldwide.

Clare Turner-Marshall

I always say that I don’t remember life “BR” before Rotary, as my Dad joined when I was 11. I have been a very proud part of this phenomenal organisation since then, officially joining as a member 8 years ago. 

I served as the first female President of the club in 2015. For me it’s simple, the more we help each other the more we can help heal the world. That is what Rotary is all about, giving back and helping others. 

I am a Joint Venture Specialist, and speaker. I help You be the best version of You. You can find out more at http://www.claretm.com

Lisa Pegg

My name is Lisa Pegg. I am 36 years old and am a secondary school Science teacher. I am married with two children, Amy (15) and Harvey (11).
I have been involved with Tamworth Rotary Club for 20 years behind the scenes, helping with the Santa Sleigh and other events.  I became a member to make a difference and help within the community where possible. I have now been a full member for over 4 years and I am the Club Treasurer. 
I enjoy every minute of being a member and would recommend coming to visit our Club, if like me, you have some spare time and want to be part of something amazing.

Mike Pegg

I have been a member of Rotary officially for 10 years (unofficially since I was 14).
My Rotary life started out with Santa sleigh as a young boy, running around with my bucket to collect much needed funds (plus the lolly pops were an added bonus).
10 years ago I took the leap and became a full member, since then I have been club President 3 times, my most recent position coming to an end in July 2020. Not only have I been able to make a difference within my local community but worldwide, as a club we’ve donated over £40’000!! Rotary is not just about raising funds but the networking is remarkable, you’re not just a member at Tamworth, you are a member worldwide!
In my work life I am still helping businesses & individuals, my team takes care of all fire needs you may have. For more information please visit …

Sean Nestor

My name is Sean Nestor. I am 55 years old and live in Dosthill with my Wife Yvonne, Son Lucas and our Dog Lilly.

I have worked in the logistics department for a multi-national company in the automotive supply industry for the last 25 years, with a spell of 8 years in Portugal included in this time.

I have a keen interest in most sports, and still manage to play some Cricket during the summer months.

I was first introduced to Rotary through my Wife volunteering for the Santa Sleigh in support of the Dorcas Centre by Dosthill Park.

The following Spring, I volunteered to help as a marshall on the Cathedral to Castle Run, and then was accepted to join as a full member later that year.

It is great to see how as a group we are able to support the local community and it is a joy to work with the dedicated group that we have in Tamworth Rotary.

Ben Welch

My name is Ben Welch, I am 18 and a student. I first found out about Rotary through the Explorer Scouts and the help they give to the sleigh appeal. I am now an associate member, I joined because i really enjoyed doing the sleigh appeal and want to continue helping others.

Lisa Agnew

I am a wife, a busy mum to two little boys, aged 6 and 7, and I work full time in customer service for the railway. I’ll be honest, there is little more that I can squeeze into my time around those busy roles, but I still want to make a difference to my community and those in need around the world. Since being a mum that feeling has never been stronger. I would struggle on my own to make the kind of difference I want to, but being part of the Rotary Club means we can help each other to make a real difference in helping others. I am immensely impressed with the range of causes Rotary supports, and the incredible work Rotarians are involved with, literally all over the planet. It feels great that I can play my own small part in making a massive difference to those who really need it.

Michael Agnew

My name is Michael Agnew. I have a wonderful wife, Lisa (who is also a member) and 2 fantastic boys, Daniel 7 and Lucas 6 (maybe they’ll be members one day too). I moved to England from Belfast in 2002 and have worked as cabin crew, the NHS as a specialist support worker, train guard and now I’m training to be a train driver.  

I have fundraised for charities in the past such as Tommy’s, Prostate cancer UK and cancer research among others but felt that I could be doing so much more by being part of something bigger.  

This is why I joined the Tamworth Rotary Club in December 2019.  I want to help make Tamworth a real community where we look out for ALL of our community.  

Since joining the Rotary Club, I have been amazed at just how much the Rotary Club do locally and internationally, and not just financially but also by giving up their own time by actively volunteering in the community. 

I have loved being part of the Tamworth Rotary Club. I have made so many new friends and met lovely people in just a short time and hope that my relationship with them grows stronger every year. 

Richard Wood

I work in the entertainment and tourism sector and joined Rotary in 2011.

The reason for me joining was that I wanted to make a difference and I feel I have a skill set that would benefit Rotary.  In return, not only have I grown my own skill set which helps me in my work environment, but also I have gained so many friends through the fellowship that Rotary offers.

Being part of Rotary and making a difference not only in my local community but internationally is really important to me, and has changed my perception and outlook on what I want to achieve with my life.

Please come and visit, see if we offer something that you would like.  We have members of all ages and of all different types so I’m sure you will find friends that you will connect with.  I promise you it will be one of the best things you do with your free time.

Norman Rubenis

 I joined Rotary just over 2 years ago. I have worked as a professional photographer for over 4 decades and now run my own portrait studio in Tamworth, Ruby Studios.

I started my photography career as a press photographer with a local newspaper in 1977. I attended many Rotary and other charity fund raising events for the newspaper, but only recently decided to look into Rotary more closely. I love the idea of being involved and giving back to the community. I recently started a charity portrait campaign for Prostate Cancer UK called MEN IN BLACK & (white), so far raising almost £800 and creating some powerful black and white images of my male subjects. I’m keen to get involved in up coming projects and feel I have some unique skills I can bring to the club.

Michelle Rowberry

My name is Michelle Rowberry, I work at Saxon Hill Academy in Lichfield. The school provides education and residential care for children and young people aged 2-19. We are establishing an Interact Club within the school to help the young people become involved with local and international community projects. I joined the Rotary Club of Tamworth to give something back to my local community. As a child who attended the special nursery for disabled children in Tamworth, I received a gift from a local charity that really made my Christmas very special. My Mum still recounts how magical it was when a man in red delivered my doll’s house. I would like to help enhance other people’s lives. I am the current secretary of our Club – but I have a lot to learn.

Mario Gauci

My name is Mario Gauci. I’m originally from Cardiff but moved to Tamworth 15 years ago. I have always been interested in how the mind works, and how it impacts upon everyday life. 7 years ago I decided to undertake study to become a hypnotherapist. I now have my own business, MG Hypnotherapy, in Tamworth town centre. It is amazing to know that I can help to change lives for the better. I specialise in smoking cessation and pain relief. I have been able to offer special rates to my own Rotary Club. I joined the Rotary Club of Tamworth to improve my networking opportunities as well as to be part of a club known for its amazing Sleigh Run each year. I am now proud to say that I am one of the regular jolly Father Christmas’ who help to raise up to £30,000 in about 6 weeks each Christmas time.

Rao Yanamani

I was invited by a patient to Rotary in 1987. After a few meetings I joined Rotary with apprehension. That apprehension soon disappeared. During my many years at Rotary I have held many roles within my Club and at a District level. I have worked on projects all over the world, Hosted several students from South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Belgium and India/ Some of the projects are: Tsunami fishermen’s village reconstruction Health Centre in Kasturba ashram, Sight for children project, Midday Meals for school children project, Refurbishment of old people’s home, Refrigerated hearse for a crematorium, and, most recently, food distribution for people during the COVID lockdown.
After retirement I set up a women’s health clinic in a charitable hospital in India, screening for diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease and breast cancer screening. INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLING AND HOSTING FELLOWSHIP OF ROTARY INTERNATIONAL (ITHF)
Through ITHF I travelled to Taiwan  Guatemala. Nepal, Bhutan and Ecuador and became involved in projects there.

I have attended several District conferences and many conventions in Glasgow, Singapore, Taiwan, Chicago, Montreal, Osaka, Copenhagen, Bangkok, Lisburn and San Paulo.

Before joining Rotary I didn’t have any friends outside my profession as a GP.  Rotary has given me lifelong friends and also Rotary has given me the opportunity to travel the world to serve. My outlook has changed since joining Rotary. I get a great satisfaction by serving the community in need.

John Garner

My name is John Garner, I joined Rotary 1989 and in 1998/1999 I was Club President. In my business life I owned 2 small chemical companies which were very successful. I was also a Borough Councillor from 1979 to 2014, I had the honour to twice be the Mayor of Tamworth. I held the office of Deputy Leader, Leader and 10 years as a member of Cabinet. I am chairmen of the Spirit of Tamworth. My interest are supporting charities and helping others.

Andy Longhurst

My name is Andy Longhurst, I joined Rotary in 2019. I work in the IT sector running 2 businesses – Expand Digital Media and The Online Training Company.

After spending many years working with various charity organisations I became disheartened that I could not see the fruits of my labour due to the nature of the charities’ work. 

Rotary allows me to make a difference in my community so I can see the difference it makes 1st hand.

Alan Glover

Julian Jones

I joined Rotary back in 2005 so that I could put something back into the community and to help others.  I have met and made very good friends in Rotary doing things we love doing. I was very privileged to be President of Tamworth Rotary Club two years together.

I worked in sales travelling all of the U.K. Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and north and Southern Ireland in optics as a sales manager. On my nights away from home, there was always a warm  welcome made for me in the local Rotary Clubs where I was staying.

Darren Bates

With over 15 years service as a member of the RAF Air Cadets and working in a local school as a Student Support Officer, I have a lot of experience in working with children and young adults aged 12-20. I have a keen interest in sports and enjoy delivering practical sports sessions and sports leadership courses and qualifications, as well as supporting the cadets and students in a pastoral capacity.

I have seen first hand the amazing contribution and support that Tamworth Rotary Club provides to the community and indeed worldwide and with my skill set and experience I wanted to get involved to be part of a team that is really making a difference.

Sue Bennett

The reason I joined Rotary was because I want to support my local community and make a difference. I believe my financial background will help to add value to my local club.

John Chesworth