Tamworth Rotary Club was formed in 1948 in a post second world war society.  Primarily to raise funds through community work for local, national, and international good causes.  Through the shared skills of several businessmen, councillors, and other professionals the aim was and still is to improve the lives of people within the borough, whilst also forging long lasting relationships within the business community and beyond.  Through friendship, fellowship and fundraising then lives would be improved and enhanced.  Since its inception it is estimated that the club has raised anything from 1.5 to 2 million pounds and has supported countless generations of Tamworth people.  Today the club is far more relaxed and welcomes people from all backgrounds and experience.

Although the club was chartered in 1948, from the records various service committees were not formed and working until September 1956.  The first meeting of The Club Service Committee was held on Tuesday 11th September 1956, at Alders Paper Mills at 7pm.  The early years consisted of President Dances and other fundraisers, but by 1961 the club had 45 members and was building a reputation for fundraising across the town.  Rummage Sales and Wine & Cheese Nights, and later Cocktail Evenings at the Assembly Rooms were annual events and very well received by the community.

In 1973 a new vehicle was purchased by the club and on the 12th December was presented to the Royal Voluntary Service after their previous vehicle was stolen and vandalised.  This would have been particularly important as it was at a time when the country was experiencing power cuts, the three-day week and all the social implications of the early 1970s. 

In the 1980s the club continued to grow and one of the greatest achievements and possibly the biggest project up to that time was the instillation of a lift in the old St Edithas Hospital as well as funding various machines therein.

Then during the 1990s the club introduced what Tamworth Rotary Club is best known for within the community.  That is the Santa Sleigh.  Which helps raise funds for the club but more importantly puts a smile on the face of young and old alike.

In 2005, Rotary’s Centenary, the club gave Two Rivers Special School a 16-seat minibus, QUEMS School a baby grand piano, to replace the one that was lost in a fire. In addition, £10.000 was given to Rawletts High School, to help them achieve their sports status. A commercial washing machine for St Giles was also purchased and a £2000 donation was made to Mercy Ships.

In 2006 the club opened and funded a village in India rebuilt after the 2004 tsunami had destroyed it.  In more recent years the club have put 3 defibrillators around the town, organised, packed and sent 100s of children’s Back Packs for Mary’s Meals a charity in Africa.  As well as distributing over £200.000 in the past 5 years to many local community groups and projects as well as international good causes and disaster relief.